Just finished the Rick & Morty art commission from my wonderful friend Nery! It was such a fun project and I was surprised how into it I was. I guess it’s a good breath of fresh air from the usual stuff I paint, and it is structured enough that I have a goal/concept in mind. […]


Currently working on a sci-fi commission painting and it is a mind trip. I love the color palette for this piece–it’s so fun! And who knew making paintings about outer space came so naturally to me? Still currently a work in progress, so I’ll be updating here again when I can. It’ll be changing […]

Summertime Fun

Hi everyone! This summer is currently off to a great start! I’m very elated about some recent good news and progress in my life–new condo, new job, and new art store business. I’m trying to learn from previous mistakes that have caused me much heartache. And so, being older and wiser (now being 30 and […]

Q&As and Interior Demo Photos

Hi everyone! Since the launch of my art store, people have been asking about specific questions related to what the paintings are made of, what certain sizes look like in real life, etc. I hope to address some of these questions in this post! All the paintings for sale in my online art store are […]


This week was amazing! Thank you for the love and warmth–the official launch of the D A N E S S A online art store was a success, and I am grateful for all the wonderful people who have supported me. This is just the beginning, so I guess the best is yet to come! I […]


Hi everyone! I am so excited to announce that the DANESSA art store is now open for business!! Like everything I do, I’m learning and seeing where this new little pathway takes me. I hope that you guys enjoy my work, support me by making a purchase, and continue to share them with others. ️️ […]

Mental Illness: It’s Not Always What You Think–Art Exhibit

I’ve been very fortunate to have such amazing opportunities to showcase my recent works all month in Downtown and Midtown Sacramento. Thank you to the Sacramento Edelman Group and the Sacramento County Division of Behavioral Health Services! I’m glad to do my part in the fight against mental health stigma and promoting awareness and compassion […]