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This piece was inspired by a poem by Rupi Kaur from the Milk and Honey collection

"love will come
and when love comes
love will hold you
love will call your name
and you will melt
sometimes though
love will hurt you but
love will never mean to
love will play no games
cause love knows life
has been hard enough already"


The best parts of the piece are the areas where the two colors meet. It's like they're figuring out ways to get together and combine to form something amorphous and new. Like I almost want to know the story of what goes on in between. And one is not lost to the other. True to form, they make each other more exponentially meaningful in combination.


Companion comes in two sizes to highlight its prominent features, and is available in archival-grade giclée print on stretched canvas. Each print is made with the highest quality canvas in the world. UV coated and designed to last over 100 years with no fading.


Previously displayed at:

  • The Art Studios - Sacramento, CA
  • University of California, Davis Health System - Sacramento Campus, Sacramento, CA