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This piece is named after my second first name, Iza. Like maybe the other side of me that people don't really see, know, or are able to understand. Fiery oranges and yellows create the notion of a powerful burst of energy in full force, heavily mixing with the ever-so-humbling blues that wind all over the rowdy warm colors, as if in an attempt to keep it all tamed and under control.


Iza is a gift to yourself--that you always remember to recognize your inner strengths, skills, and talents, despite whatever else is happening around you. That you are a force to be reckoned with.

Iza comes in two sizes to highlight its prominent features, and is available in archival-grade giclée print on stretched canvas. Each print is made with the highest quality canvas in the world. UV coated and designed to last over 100 years with no fading.


Previously displayed at:

  • The Art Studios - Sacramento, CA
  • University of California, Davis Health System - Sacramento Campus, Sacramento, CA