Made Terra Straw bags Star Round Rattan Bag (10

Star Round Rattan Bag (10") | Summer Essential Large Straw Bag Purse for Women by Made Terra

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Fulfilled by our friends at Made Terra

  1. Measurement: 9.8" x 3.7" (+/- 0.2")
  2. Materials: Rattan, Genuine Leather
Want to bring the whole world with you whenever going out? This 9.8-inch star round rattan bag is for you!
  • 👜 Unique design: Inspired by the design of Eastern ancient drum, this rattan bag is handcrafted in aspiration for traditional and cultural values. It is a perfect fusion of modern trendiness and golden past appreciations.
  • 👜 Large size: this means you no longer have to spend time wondering what to bring or leave home. Put whatever you like to in this adorable rattan bag and just get going !
  • 👜 Natural and outstanding: No artificial colors added, no preservatives, this bag shines just like a mini-sized golden drum, making you stand out from the crowd whichever style you are wearing.
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