Series: L’Amour

I’m ready for something new. It’s been an extremely interesting adventure having the opportunity to paint more for myself these past few months. This has been the most dedicated I have ever been to really exploring what painting means to me and what I can learn from it. With each painting I’ve made, I found a new way of approaching the canvas. Sometimes it was a wonderful stroke of luck, others, well…you live and you learn.

My previous series was titled Healing Wound because it was inspired out of my personal experiences with loss. From those works arose the interest in portraying how individuals are forever marred by their personal experiences. That is not to say that they are all for the worse, but that they ultimately carve a unique individual who is consequentially transformed into something more.

I have come to the tail end of the Healing Wound series. And I feel that it was such a tremendous journey to have gone through in the span of two years. I feel the need to renew, and find inspiration under the warmth of love. For the coming year or so, I am working on the new series titled L’Amour. Like most things in life, I find myself completely unprepared for what’s to come and what the journey has in store for me. But I am a perpetual (and let me just admit already) optimist despite my anxious tendencies, and I have a gut feeling that silently screams to me that the best is yet to come.

All in good time, I guess.