The Protea Project: Decolonizing Fine Art

Art and design are not separate from any of the recent conversations about race, politics, and injustice. It's been w...

Blue Ballerina

Hi there! It’s been a while since I made an art blog entry, so I feel a bit rusty. I have had quite a year of life transitions and wonderful new changes, so I am glad to be working on some creative projects more freely again now that I have some free time to myself. […]

On Trust

This week's painting practice got me working on my ability to trust. ...

Word of the year 2018

If I could choose a word for the 2018 year, mine would be: Serendipity

Light and Bubbly

Started some new paintings recently and had the inescapable craving to splash on a light and bubbly colorful palette for a change.