Ultimate Activity Pack | USA by Honeysticks USA

Ultimate Activity Pack | USA by Honeysticks USA

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Fulfilled by our friends at Honeysticks USA

Get the best of the Honeysticks products in one bee-autiful set!

  • Honeysticks Originals Crayons
  • Honeysticks Bath Crayons
  • Honeysticks Bath Drops
  • Honeysticks Natural Watercolour Paints
  • Honeysticks North American Adventure Coloring Book

Packed with loads of playtime activities specially designed with children's safety in mind and to stimulate your child's creativity, the Ultimate Activity Pack will keep them entertained for hours! It's the perfect holiday gift!

Made from 100% beeswax, natural and food-grade ingredients our products are safe for both your family and the planet. We ensure that all our ingredients, packaging and products are high quality, natural, food grade and non-toxic.

What do you get:

Our Original Crayons made from 100% beeswax come in 12 vibrant long-lasting colors: green, red, orange, dark blue, black, ocre, pink, brown, yellow, purple, dark green, light blue.

Our Bath Crayons are all natural and food grade plus easy to clean. They come in 7 vibrant colors: blue, maroon, green, orange, pink, yellow, brown and the container doubles up as a watering can!

Our all-natural Bath Bombs don’t contain any fragrance, mess or residue, 100% non-toxic. Bath time can now be fun and educational, creating different colors by mixing drops and watching them fizz away while getting clean.

Our Natural Watercolor Paints are completely natural and food grade! Long-lasting and brightly coloured they coming in 8 colours: yellow, red, pink, purple, green, blue, brown, orange. Allow your child to release their inner Picasso!

The Honeysticks North American Adventure Coloring Books come with 40 big pages for wild and playful scribbling - themed and blank pages.

EXCLUSIVE OFFER: For a limited time, get a FREE gift set (worth with any purchase of the Ultimate Activity Pack! This includes:

  • FREE mini-crayon (5pk) and coloring book set
  • FREE 6-pack of coloring in Xmas cards
  • FREE 150 page printable coloring-in digital download
  • FREE Shipping
  • Plus... It all comes in a beautiful box that your kids can color in too!

Honeysticks Originals Crayons Dimensions: 2.2in Long, .8in Thick
Honeysticks Bath Crayons Dimensions: 3.9in Long, .8in Thick
Honeysticks Bath Drops come with 36 drops, in Red Yellow and Blue.
Honeysticks Adventure Coloring Book Dimensions: 11.61in high, 9.25in wide
Honeysticks Watercolour Paints come with 6 colours. Dimensions: Paint discs - .78in round x .35in