It is done! I submitted my artwork entry for 30″x30″ today. It was a challenging and emotional ride, but an unreal learning experience, nonetheless.




Crush/ed: 1.1-6.5 (2015). 6″x6″. Acrylic on canvas

This mini series was lovingly titled “Crush/ed” out of inspiration from the tumultuous ride that sometimes goes with the search for love. With the use of color and form, my intention behind this body of work was to convey an interaction between forces that appear to blend, collide, and shift. This work took a toll on my emotions, and at times I found it hard to paint. There are highlighted moments of intoxicating bliss, and yet there exists an equal amount of gripping torture. Kinda like love–are you floating or drowning? Regardless, I hope that I was able to express a sincere and authentic flow of raw emotion through the series. The only solace that one can really hang onto is the realization that pain, though inevitable, is only temporary.


Oh, yes. And suffering is always optional.


Come see it in person and say hi!






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