Felt like a painting was due. So I had to create.




Iza (2017). 30″x30″. Acrylic on canvas


This painting is a shift from all my previous paintings. I think I really wanted to have fun with the negative space on this piece, and I must say it really makes me happy to see that it sort of worked. I toyed with the idea of leaving the negative space unpainted and raw canvas, but I decided against it at some point…also mostly because I wanted to keep painting!

It is named after my second first name, Iza. Nobody really calls me that, and I think that it’s too bad. By itself, it could be a whole other person. Like maybe the other side of me that people don’t really see or know. The parts of me that only close and dear people in my life are able to understand. I guess that’s okay. Privacy is a luxury and I enjoy mine.

The style and color palette for this piece was inspired by Alberto Seveso‘s work. I have been following this artist for quite some time and adore his visual artwork. Seveso’s photography of colorful explosions of powder, oil and ink or paint submerged in water has heavily influenced the way I paint. From Seveso’s inspiring work, I wanted to make something that went beyond imagery and conveyed emotions. The fiery oranges and yellows create the notion of a powerful burst of energy in full force, heavily mixing with the ever-so-humbling blues that wind all over the rowdy warm colors, as if in an attempt to keep it all tamed and under control. I found ways to make the background light and airy with the yellowish tint on the negative space, which flows in harmony with the more dominant colors in the foreground. And lastly, I think the drips are here to stay. For nearly all the paintings I have made in the past year, I seem to have taken to working with the drips of paint and have cleverly used them to my advantage. I used to sulk at the idea that it didn’t look “polished” or “clean” with them on, but now I embrace them as part of my style.

work+money=stress. This is my daily life. These days, I live for moments when I can freely immerse myself with the world and other people around me. Been kind of stressed these past few months and I feel like I am hanging by a thread. The month of May is always a fun time for me because of all the wonderful things that happen in this month–my birthday being the biggest reason! I am turning the big 3-0 this year and saying goodbye to my young adulthood. Finally. I’m a REAL REAL ADULT NOW! I have a lot of hope for this upcoming new year and I am keeping my spirits up, which can be hard some days.

If anything, I believe that this current painting is my gift to myself–that I remember to always recognize my inner strengths, skills, and talents, despite whatever else is happening around me. That I am a force to be reckoned with, and if you try anything funny, you’re in for a brawl with the monster. THAT I AM IMPORTANT. And that if at first I don’t succeed, well, heck, this stubborn bull won’t quit until the job is done–and done exceptionally well.


Sidenote–I still miss the beautiful SoCal weather and all my wonderful friends back home. Hopefully, there will be some time to catch up again with them soon. They keep my soul filled with love and warmth. ☀

Edit: You know you can buy these paintings now, right?




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