Like Sunday Morning

Sometimes, love is just easy.



–I think that’s how it should be.


Like Sunday Morning (2017). 30″x30″. Acrylic on canvas


This piece took two whole months to get through! It doesn’t seem like it, but goodness. There was a lot of self-criticism, doubt, and downright nitty-gritty perseverate worry on my part during the process of this piece. I think I even got emotional in front of this painting–sorry, not sorry. I haven’t done that in a while, and when it happens, I surprise myself. I just take them as a positive sign that there is room for continued self-reflection in the moment. I had such a difficult time getting this “just right” and worried constantly if I was losing my creativity. Gone are the days when I had nothing better to do than paint all weekend. I guess I feared that I’ve been stagnant in my practice, and yet again, my art has to start over. So that’s part of the reason why it took a long time to complete. But it was worth the time to invest in myself and question why I felt the need to make it “look like something.” In the end, who cares? As long as I like it and am happy with it and proud of my work, isn’t that all that matters?

I stopped when it felt complete. And I am happy to say that I am continuing to trust my instincts on this one. It’s interesting to see how I’ve created my own style over the past few years but it’s always a little different with each new art work (and better, IMO). Wonder what that means? Hopefully good things.


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