It is done. Whew! This painting took longer than I wanted and expected. But it was different from my previous works, and it stumped me quite a bit for some time. I didn’t want it to be harsh, gritty, or heavy. I wanted something new, like a nice, light, and refreshing breeze of playfulness. So I only painted when I was in that same light-hearted and content mood. There are drips throughout the work but somehow, they do not convey the same weight as my other ones have.
This piece is about an exploration of space and the unknown. Often we tend to get stuck on what we know and that becomes comfortable. And stagnation is a dangerous place to be in anyone’s life–career, passions, and love. To me, this is what it looks and feels like to be brave and let life happen.
There is quite a lot of movement and dynamic interaction in this painting, and they were built up through much trial and error. To be honest, I almost gave up working on this piece and seriously thought about just going back to my regular modus operandi. But true to form, I was bull-headed and decided to give it one more shot.

And I think the outcome was worth the magic.

 Pyro (2016). 36″x48″. Acrylic on canvas 


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