The Artist and the Healer

COVID-19 has been such an unusual time for all of us. It’s been upending a lot of people’s lives and upcoming plans, but it really is a time to be serious about what matters most, and that is the health and safety of all. While we are all hunkered down in our homes, many of us have kept busy with work. Me? I found this to be a good time to evaluate how I want to focus on my self-development and growth. As an artist and a healer.

There’s always been two sides of me—the logical and the emotional side. On one hand, I’ve always valued art and recognized my innate talents for visual art-making. On the other, I often find myself being drawn to the elements of structure, logic, and science. I enjoy being a clinical psychologist because I get to help others work through their emotional and mental health challenges. But art has never been simply something I could keep on the back burner for too long; it gets restless and antsy, and always wants to chime in and contribute to whatever I’m doing.

And so I’ve decided to explore the possibility of having both my artist and healer sides come together to collaborate on something new and exciting. More and more, I’ve become open to the idea that they can coexist on the same plane of existence, and that I can be recognized for both of my skills in unison. My DANESSA art paintings and accessories are a product of such an experiment. It’s not always been comfortable for me to tout both of my areas of knowledge, and I sometimes wonder whether it was because of fear. Fear that I will be judged, mocked, discounted by others who see me as some failed “true artist.” Or one that couldn’t quite make it in the big leagues and pursue an actual art degree.

On some days, it is easy to dispel such “myths” of the mind. Some days, not so much. I believe it and I hide. It sucks because it stops me from creating. It makes me doubt myself, and in turn, I become consumed by the negative energy. And some days, it feels good to push back. And lay out all the heap of junk in the middle of the floor, and begin to sort out each negative, unhelpful thought.

That, actually, yes. I could have pursued art school. But that wasn’t something I wanted, when I went down that path. I immersed myself in the art community, took many art classes, and even got a Studio Art minor. But I didn’t feel like that was fulfilling enough. I was bored and wanted something else. That in fact, I found myself wanting something that made the art more deep and meaningful. To be able to explore what it meant when someone made a painting, a sculpture, or a political art piece. To learn more about the artist behind the artwork. To see how their life story led them to become the artist they were. Art is interesting, but the people behind them are even more captivating.

And so that is why I make art. I am an artist, and I am a healer. I am one. My goal for my artworks is to create mindful art that heals, connects others, and and share it with the world. You will find my latest creations under the PsychBlab section of my art store. This is a set of resources and worksheets for psychology and self-development. Check it out and see for yourself! I’ll be adding more in there as I churn more ideas in the near future.

Thanks for following me on this journey,

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