Art and Design In the Service of Others

I started this journey into art and painting from a place of needing healing and comfort. As we go through so much uncertainty and mixed emotions these days due to COVID-19, I am reminded that I am fortunate to be in a place to help out however I can.

Maybe you’ve asked, “What can artists do to help right now?” 
And to that, I say, PLENTY!

The 2 Million Essential Ears Ear Saver

This is a great time to showcase how creativity, innovation, and design can help others. Artists are needed now more than ever. Because we know how to make do with what little we have and turn it into something amazing.

This month, I’ve taken up Glowforge‘s call to help make Ear Savers for the community! I am donating my time and resources to support our essential workers in the Northern California Bay area and (if needed) beyond.

Check out the first batch we made! It’s a new and different experience for us, but it’s also fun to learn and make new things that can help our frontline workers continue to be safe and healthy.

So if you are an individual working in the front lines of COVID-19, send us a message and we’ll be glad to send you some FREE Ear Savers for you and your team.

Take care,