I’ve been pushing my limits in my most recent works. Time and again, peers have suggested and encouraged me to take my work to the next level and go BIGGER! And oh, how they wish my work was enlarged so that the viewer can appreciate all the nuances of my painting in a new fashion. I agree, and I have been working my way slowly towards painting in a bigger format than each previous work. I’ve been experimenting with new ways of approaching the canvas as well. I’ve put my knives on hiatus for the time being, simply because I want to explore where the brush takes me and my image processing. I have learned quite a bit about how immensely tough it is to paint a larger format. Needless to say, it’s kind of a work out for my scrawny arms. Amazingly enough, I am able to use my creative brain in the same physical process. In a way, it’s an interesting discovery for me, because it is no longer just short, playful interaction with the canvas, but a creative, time-based, and holistic process. I have to throw my whole body and mind into each large piece of work, which I find pretty exciting. Maybe Pollock was into something with his process paintings.

IMG_4245   IMG_4246


Breathless (2015). 36″x36″. Acrylic on canvas