Just finished the Rick & Morty art commission from my wonderful friend Nery! It was such a fun project and I was surprised how into it I was. I guess it’s a good breath of fresh air from the usual stuff I paint, and it is structured enough that I have a goal/concept in mind. I also had a lot of help from his selected music playlist that I requested to guide my work. Man, I gotta say I learn so much about people from the things they enjoy. I know music (and food) bring people together, so it’s no wonder these are the first things I ask about when I first meet someone.

Now, some details about this recent work. I wanted to do a sci-fi collaboration between Doctor Who and Rick & Morty, so I decided to focus on some of the distinct features of each show. Early on, I knew I needed to have the color green in there to symbolize the pervasive use of this color in the time travel portals that pop out in the Rick & Morty show. From there I decided that I wanted to focus on something related to time-traveling, so I decided to create some sort of portal. In Series 5 of the new Doctor Who series (starring Matt Smith), they introduced the idea of a “crack in the universe” that pervades thru space and time. I really liked the Eleventh doctor so I decided to just go for it. Nery suggested a rendition of the “Starry Night” by Van Gogh, and I took the idea further by creating a scene that signified the regeneration of a time Lord to a new body, all taking place on an otherwise starry, starry night and witnessed by (tiny) Rick & Morty from the crack in the universe.

Rick and Morty-7Rick and Morty-5Rick and Morty-6Rick and Morty-3Rick and Morty-4Rick and Morty-2Rick and Morty-1

Everyone else–I’m now taking new art commissions! Send me a message or email on my website. ‍

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