What is giclée?

Giclée is the process of creating high-quality reproductions of paintings, photographs, and other two-dimensional art. Giclée prints are made of special archival ink on archival grade material to ensure fade-resistance over time.



Giclée vs. Inkjet prints--what's the difference?

Giclée prints are usually preferred for fine art reproductions which use higher quality materials than inkjet prints. Additionally, giclée prints boast better color accuracy, vividness, sharpness, and overall quality than inkjet prints. 



Do you print custom sizes?

Yes! I do this on a per request only basis and can depend on the artwork. Contact me and we can get started from there!


What is the Art For Rent Program?

The DANESSA Art for Rent Program is my way of sharing my original artworks with the greater community. My mission is to provide individuals with greater access to learning more about the contemporary visual arts. Ultimately, I want people to learn how important it is to have art in our lives--for creative expression, as an adaptive outlet for our emotions, to inspire others, and to communicate with the world.


The Art for Rent Program works like this:

A) Art Subscription

1. Select an available art original

2. Rent an artwork for as low as $10.99-13.99/month* (minimum 3 months)

3. Return artwork whenever you are ready for a new one




B) Rent-to-Own

1. Select an available art original

2. Choose the number of payments to make 

3. Own the painting after you complete the full payment plan


Contact me directly to make it happen. Get your own DANESSA Painting today!



Note: *Shipping fees not included